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Mar 18, 2013 5:00pm PDT
economy. some good signs of recovery. there is some growth. exception is san jose. david louie joins to us explain. >> some are suffering from a case ever sagging supply and demand. the number of flights operating here as dropped for the past five years. down 3% just in the past year which led to a kor spending nearly 1% drop in passenger traffic. $1.3 billion went into building a terminal b modernizing terminal a. this gets high marks for appearance and convenience. >> it's clean, nice. fast. and i live in san francisco. and you can get back and north a cab. sometimes you get stuck in traffic. it's not faster. >> you can tell from a few shuttered restaurants that the expanded airport isn't operating anywhere close to capacity. eight million passengers flew and n.and out last year. a new common used lounge called the club is an example of the facilities built to draw more passengers. good news is that virgin america is coming to san jose in may. and al-nippon plans to resume tokyo flights. >> we have tremendous capacity here and we're well positioned for the future. we're seeing that ai
Mar 12, 2013 5:00pm PDT
inflation in california economy and that our wages are about $7500 less than our leading piers, chicago symphony. >> management says the average musician salary is $165,000 a year. the union says basic pay is about $142,000 a year, management says they provide health care with no monthly contribution. the musician s say they pay for family members. symphony says the musicians get 10 weeks of paid vacations they say they have other expenses including buying their own instruments. the symphony says the wage proposal would keep the or chess stra among the top three nationwide. >> they're among the most talented musicians in the world. we're hope tofl reach an agreement that recognizes that and at this lunchtime press concert musicians told us when there is an endowment near $100 million and has hefty managements to -- bonuses to management. >> we're in a very wealthy institution. our treatment should reflect that. >> the symphony maintains it's expenses are outpacing it's income. >> finances are a matter of public record we've been transparent with finances. >> the union disagrees about th
Mar 13, 2013 5:00pm PDT
knows the bill would co-raise concerns however, he believes it could benefit the economy. >> given we compete nationally and internationally for conventions and visitors we're at a disadvantage because our cities zront this option. so that is all it is. imposes nothing on anyone. >> the bill would only apply to bars, restaurants and nightclubs. liquor store closing times will not change. >> news from mars making rounds this week. >> coming up next rover mission at >>> i'm ama daetz. reaction from the city for the historic selection. unique perspectives on the pontiff from local church leaders also a progress report on a fourth floor of the caldecott tunnel. features will make this a roadway. and the life of pi. the number not the movie and the unusual celebration for the math at that time matt cal content. those stories and more coming up at 6:00. dan, cheryl, back to you. >> we're looking forward to seeing that. >> coming up a big week for science and space lover autos a replica of the curiosity landed on the capitol this week. >> it's the same size as curiosity which is exploring
Mar 14, 2013 5:00pm PDT
third week with indication the economy is on the mend. initial claims dropped 10,000 lower number than a 350 new filings many were predict brg that came out. scientists strength in the job market could intensify a debate at the fed. uncertain over the economy may be why working moms are looking for full time jobs. a spike in jobs seeking a full time over part time employment. the study found that shift has less to do with career am bigs than current realities. roughly half of the working mothers interviewed said fit hadn't been for the income they'd rather be home with children. >> about one in three american drivers uses his or her cell phone while behind the wheel. is that you? or me, perhaps? >> that is a rate higher than that compared to european drivers sowing shah that 69% of americans talked on mobile phones while driving. 31% read or send text messages. portugal came closest to the united states in talking and texting behind the wheel. >> is it's a big day saturday on the bay meadows race track. that is when the first homes go on sale. today, developers presented the mark
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4